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Fresh cut peonies are a great idea for wedding flowers.  Beautiful varieties of red, white, and pink fresh cut peonies grown by  Bridgewater Gardens were used for wedding flower bouquets, altar, and centerpiece arrangements at these weddings. Buying fresh flowers direct from the peony flower grower with overnight floral delivery ensures you the freshest peony flowers possible. Many of our brides select their June or July wedding date based on the cut peony flower season. Our peonies bloom in early June and we can usually provide cut flowers  into early July. 

Just click on the brides name below to see photos of our peonies flowers at our customers weddings.   Are you nervous about ordering flowers by mail for your wedding?  Please scroll down to take a look at how beautiful our peonies looked at our customers weddings. In most cases the flowers were arranged by the wedding party or a family member.  When a florist arranged the centerpieces or bouquets the florist is given credit.



Rachel's Wedding - Peony Bridal Bouquets & Altar Arrangement


Rita's Wedding - Peony Wedding Table Centerpieces

Liz's Wedding - Pink Peony Wedding Bouquets

Megan's Wedding - Peony Bridal Bouquets



Kristens Wedding - Pink Peony Brides Bouquet

Marcy's Wedding - Pink Peony Bride & Bridesmaid  Bouquets

Trishs' Wedding - Extra Large Brides Bouquet of White Peonies, Roses, & More


Lynns' Wedding -  Wedding Table Centerpieces & Pink/White Bridesmaid Bouquets

Katies' Wedding - Bright Pink Peony Bouquets, Centerpieces, & Cake Top

Brandis' Wedding Shower - White & Pink Peonies in Canning Jar Vases

Jaimes' Wedding - White Brides Bouquet, Pink Bridesmaid Bouquet

Elizabeths Wedding Peonies - White & Pink with Calla Lillies, Cake Decoration

Marias Wedding  - White and Pink Peony Bridesmaid and Bride Bouquets



Sarahs Wedding - White Peonies with  Red Roses Brides Bouquet, Table Centerpieces with Bowls

Tanyas Wedding - Blush Pink Peonies Brides and Bridesmaid Bouquets, Cake Decorations

Pams Wedding - Old Fashioned Country Outdoor theme with Pink Peonies Bouquets

Allies Wedding - Light Pink Brides Bouquet, White Bridesmaid Bouquets, Peony in Bowl Table Decoration

Megans Wedding - Ceremony Flowers & Bouquets       Cake Flowers, Centerpieces, Head Table Decoration

White and Light Pink Peony Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquets

Jenni's Wedding - Extra Large White Ann Cousins Peony Flower Arrangement

Katies' Wedding - Extra Large White Ann Cousins Peonies

Kelseys' Wedding

Tiffanys' Wedding  - Bright Pink Peony Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid bouquet, Wedding Cake Flowers


Auroras Wedding - Bright Pink Peonies with Shasta Daisies for Brides Bouquet and Tin Watering Can Centerpieces

Julies Wedding - Pink and Red Peony Ceremony and Table Arrangements

Kathys'  Wedding - White Peonies Bridal Bouquet With Freesia

Sharons' Wedding - White Peonies with Red Roses and Hypericum Centerpieces

Kellys' Wedding - Red, White, and Pink Peonies Brides, Bridesmaids, and Flower Girl Bouquets

Erins' Wedding - White Brides Bouquet, Bright Pink and Red Roses with Hypericum Bridesmaid Bouquests

Christinas Wedding - Red, White, and Pink Peonies for Outdoor Wedding with Calla Lillies, Roses


Lucis' Wedding - White Peonies with Bright Yellow and Fuschia Brides Bouquet and Table Centerpieces

Loras' Wedding - Red Peonies for Brides Bouquet, Wedding Table Centerpieces, and Corsages/Boutinierres

Eleonoras' Wedding - Peonies for Brides Bouquet and Bridesmaids Bouquets


Jordans Wedding - Pink Peonies with Roses, Hydrangeas Bridal Bouquets and Cake Topper

Mengmengs Wedding Pink Peonies Wedding Bouquet and Centerpieces

Jordans Wedding - Light Pink Sarah Bernhardt Peonies with Green Hydrangea and Hypericum Brides Bouquet

Anastasias Wedding - White Peonies Bridal Bouquet, Raspberry Pink Bridesmaid Boquets

Vitaliyas Wedding - Brides Bouquet with Pink Peonies with Hypericum Berries and White Freesia

Sarahs' Wedding - White Peonies Brides Bouquet, Bridesmaid Boquets Pink Peonies and Roses

Shannons Wedding - Pink Peonies Wedding Cake Flowers, church pew decorations, and brides bouquet

Marys Wedding - White Peonies Bridal Bouquet, Peonies Floral Arrangment, Peony Church Pew Decoration



Heathers Wedding - White Peonies Wedding Bouquet for the Bride (Nice Vintage Style)

Irenes Wedding - Bright Pink or Hot Pink peonies Bridal Bouquet

Deborahs Wedding - Pink Peonies with Hydranges Flower Arrangements in Vases

Aprils'  Wedding - White Peonies Brides Bouquet


Kellies Wedding - Light Pink Peonies with Dusty Miller in Vintage Jars



  Visit our peony page to order fresh cut peonies for Overnight Delivery from Bridgewater Gardens