2007 Peony Bloom Photos

Please visit our peony page to order fresh cut peonies from Bridgewater Gardens for 2008.

We hope you enjoying seeing these beautiful pictures of our 2007 peonies in full bloom.   Our peony season in Michigan normally begins around June 1.  This year our peonies bloomed from May 29, 2007 through June 16, 2007.   The 2007 peony season has ended and we were sold out by early June.  Please visit us next year to order peonies for June 2008 delivery.

red peony flower pink peony flower  
Peony Paul Wild looks stunning  against the green foliage.  
White Peony Evening Star Pink Peonies in Vase
Late blooming white Peony Evening Star looks magnificent at dusk.  This type of peony flower sometimes has petals trimmed with a few red streaks like you can see on the peony flowers above.  Evening Star is a favorite for wedding peonies. A vase full of medium pink and light pink peonies begins to open.  The lightest color pink you see at the front of the vase is Peony Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  
Pink Peonies in Bud Stage Pink Peonies in Full Bloom
Bright pink peonies in bud stage are close to blooming. The pink peonies in this photo are the same pink variety as most of those you see in the vase full of peonies above.  
Medium Pink Double Peony Bright Pink Peony with Light Pink Center
wedding peonies in a bucket pink dinner plate size peony
Mixed red and pink peonies in 5 gallon buckets are ready for pickup for a local wedding.  We are located 15 minutes southwest of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I put this beautiful Ruth Cobb peony on my Pfazltzgraff Aura dinner plate to demonstrate how large this peony flower is.   The dinner plate measures 12" across.  The color of the flower even matches the plate too!
Red, white, and pink peonies cut fresh from the field.  

Please visit our peony page to order peony flowers from Bridgewater Gardens

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