2008 Peony Pictures

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We hope you enjoying seeing these beautiful pictures of our 2008 peonies in full bloom.   Our peony season in Michigan normally begins around June 1. For the 2008 season our flowers started blooming on June 3, 2008 and were nearly done by June 23, 2008.   The 2008 peony season is over and we were mostly sold out by mid-May.  For June 9 peony delivery please come back and visit in early 2009.

Our 6 year old son Aaron poses with a bouquet of peonies.  If you look closely you will see that he is missing his 2 front teeth.  
Above are photos of peony Ann Cousins.  On the left the peony is sitting on a 10" Pfaltzagraph Aura dinner plate.  This flower measures 9" across when fully open.  Ann Cousins are a very late peony variety.  This year Ann Cousins began blooming on June 20.    Ann Cousins are often used for a brides bouquet and for other wedding flowers.   We consider this beautiful large pink peony to be a blush pink or very light pink.  
This pink peony is starting to open. A fully open Peony Evening Star glistens in the morning sun.  Evening Star is considered a late variety.  It began blooming on June 15 this year.  
Peony Evening Star at dusk.  Sometimes the Evening Star peony flowers have red tips, others are pure white with no red tips.   These buckets contain 26 dozen peonies which were picked up for a nearby wedding in Toledo, OH.   We are located about 50 minutes north of Toledo.  The left most row of buckets contain light pink, followed by medium and bright pink, and lastly white peonies are on the right.   
We believe this peony to be peony Big Ben.  It is an early variety and it is usually our first peony to bloom each season.   Above Peony Ann Cousins looks stunning in a vase by itself.  This is a very popular peony for weddings.
We do not know the name of this large brilliant crimson red peony.   Peonies are cut in bud stage for shipping.
This vase is full of beautiful pink and red peonies.   A different angle of the same pink and red peony flower arrangment.
This is a peony that we imported from the Heze Spring Nursery in China 3 years ago.  When you translate the name from Chinese into English it translates to Fat Concubine.   This flowers measured 6 inches across and is pure white except for a tiny portion in the center where you can see the yellow stamens.  Peony Fat Concubine bloomed on June 10 for us this year.   This is either peony Ruth Cobbs or Myra Macrae.  They are similar in color and size and bloom about the same time.  Both are considered late blooming peonies.
A young peony plant makes its first light pink flowers.    This is either Sarah Bernhardt or Pink Swan.   Aaron poses with peony Big Ben in full bloom.  Hopefully he will have his two front teeth before starting 1st grade this fall.

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