2009 Fresh Cut Peonies Photos

Please visit our peony page to order fresh cut peonies from Bridgewater Gardens for June 2010.

We invite you to enjoy our beautiful photos of our peonies from the 2009 season at their peak.  The season here in Michigan often times stats around June 1.  This year we had a long peony season due to unseasonably cool temperatures in the 70s' for the first few weeks of June.    The peonies were in bloom from June 4, 2008 until June 26, 2008.   The 2009 peony season has come to an end we pretty much stopped accepting additionaL orders by early April.  For peonies for the June 2010 season please be sure to visit us again next year.

This Peony Cincinatti was one of the first flowers produced by plants we planted two years ago from the A1 Nursery in Iowa.  We were amazed by this very large flower and ordered more. This bright pink peony is one that we imported from China several years ago.   This year it producted the most beautiful peony flowers.  Next year will be even better.

A hour glass shaped vase full of light and medium pink fresh peonies. Peony Evening Star is almost fully open.  
When photographed from above you can see the red streaks on the edge of the petals of Evening Star. This is a light to medium pink peony that we ordered 3 years ago from a peony grower in China.  


This is the same flower shown in the first row, right hand side.  This is a later blooming peony variety with a very stunning flower. Peony Sarah Bernhardt is a beautiful shade of pink.  It blooms more early to mid-season and is commonly requested by brides for their wedding flowers.

Please visit our peony page to order peony flowers from Bridgewater Gardens

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