Peony Photos From Our 2011 Peony Season

Please visit our peony page to order fresh cut peonies from Bridgewater Gardens for 2011

Check out these georgeous photos of our 2010 peonies.  The normal peony season in Michigan starts sometime around June 1.   For 2010 our season started on May 27, 2010 and continued through June 13, 2010.   The 2010 peony season is over and we were nearly sold out by April 1.     Please return early next year to order peonies for delivery in June 2011.

Bright Pink Peony Flower

Above:  A bright pink bomb-type peony flower in  full bloom.  We would also call this color fuschia or dark pink.  This is our earliest blooming bright pink peony flower.

White Peonies 

  Above:  These white Ann Cousins peonieswere sent for a wedding in Juneau, Alaska.  Due to the length of the trip they were in shipping for two days but arrived in perfect condition.

White Peony Ann Cousins

Above:  A single white Ann Cousins peony that is almost fully open.  We put the 20 dollar bill across it to show the size of the peony flower.  Ann Cousins is our latest blooming white peony and is commonly requested by brides for their bridal bouquets.

Pale Pink Peony Flower

Above:  A pale pink peony Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt peony flower opens.  This peony flower is one of our earlier blooming peonies and usually blooms during the first week of our peony bloom.  It has a very soft and ruffled appearance and is also very round in shape.  An extremely beautiful flower that is one of our favorites.

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Above:  A light pink peony flower opens.  This is a peony that we imported form China about 3 years ago.

Above:  A vase full of light pink, medium pink, bright pink and white peony flowers.  The pale pink peony in the front is peony Mrs. FDR and is just starting to open.


Please visit our peony page to order peony flowers from Bridgewater Gardens