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Bridgewater Gardens has been growing hostas for the past 15 years.  Our passion for hostas started as a hobby that ultimately turned into a shade gardening business.  Hostas grown by our nursery are at least 3 year old field grown plants.  Hostas  are shade loving perennial plants that are very easy to grow.  Hostas are flowering plants and most varieties do well in light shade or deep shade.   All hosta plants are carefully dug and wrapped and  are dug on the same day of shipment to ensure that they reach you in great shape. See below for many beautiful variegated and non-varigated varieties of hosta.  We know you will enjoy the hostas as much as we do.

Once our hostas leaf up out of the ground in early May we will update our quantities that are available for sale so please check back then for additional offerings.

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Hosta Price List - Spring/Summer 2015

Name and Description



Hosta  Albomarginata  - medium sized green and white varigated hosta, purple flowers on 36" scapes late July.  Hosta Albomarginata is one of the most common hostas that you will see in plant nurseries. Plant many of this variegated hosta close together for a groundcover cover effect.


Hosta Albomarginata


Hosta Fragrant Bouquet - medium sized variegated lime green hosta, nice cream colored border on leaves. Leaves have a nice shape. $4.00 Hosta Fragrant Bouquet
SOLD OUT  Hosta Francee - medium sized green with white margins, purple flowers on 36" scapes late July


Hosta Francee
Hosta Granary Gold - beautiful chartreuese yellow-green bright gold hosta $9.00 Hosta Granary Gold
Hosta Emerald Tiara - beautiful green gold varigated hosta, sport of golden tiara, nice purple flowers.


Hosta Emerald Tiara
SOLD OUT Hosta F. Aureomarginata - medium sized green hosta with yellow margins, tolerates sun, purple flowers


hosta Fortunei Aureomarginata


Hosta Krossa Regal - extra large, blue vase-shaped hosta, very elegant, color of plant varies with amount of sunlight.  With more sun it is more green than blue.   Hosta Krossa  Regal is one of the more popular types of blue hostas.  This host is growing in a mostly shady area and is more of a blue hosta than a green one.


Hosta Krossa Regal


Hosta Lancifolia  -small, compact, dark green non-variegated hosta, purple flowers late July, makes a nice edging or border plant.


Hosta Lancifolia


Hosta Nakaimo   - medium sized  non-varigated green hosta of Japanese origin.   Nakaimo is a rare and unusual hosta.


Hosta Nakaimo

Hosta Pauls' Glory - large green and blue varigated hosta in shade, in sun large green and light yellow varigated hosta

Limited Quantity

$12.00 Hosta Pauls Glory
SOLD OUT Hosta Royal Standard - large shiny, dark green non-varigated hosta, beautiful large leaves with waxy textured finish,  fragrant flowers. $5.00 Hosta Royal Standard
SOLD OUT Hosta Sharmon - medium sized green non-varigated hosta, nice shape


Hosta Sharmon
SOLD OUT   Hosta Sieboldana Northern Exposure - beautiful green and yellow variegated hosta, nicely quilted texture leaves that great all summer $6.00
Hosta Yellow Splash Rim -  -medium sized green and cream varigated hosta $8.00  Hosta Yellow Splash Rim

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