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Peonies Flowers from Bridgewater Gardens Available for June 2017 Weddings

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Peonies Flowers Delivery for June 2017 Weddings and Overnight Delivery

Diana Soisson Peonies

Fresh cut peonies are the most beautiful cut flower that there is.  There is nothing like the scent of old time fragrant fresh cut peonies.  Bridgewater Gardens offers large, colorful, fresh cut peonies that are exceedingly showy and beautiful flowers.  The cut peony flowers range from the most fragrant pure white flowers to a large dark luscious velvety red type of peony flower.  Our fresh cut peonies are richly fragrant and highly sought after flowers.  The brilliant maroon crimson reds, the deeply fragrant pinks, and the many lovely shades of white will hold beautiful and timeless memories for your June wedding or any other special occasion.  We exercise the greatest of care in handling the peony stems and assure your satisfaction with our cut peony flowers.  Are you thinking about using peonies as a wedding flower?   We would love to provide fresh peonies for your wedding flowers.  Peonies can be used in floral arrangements by themselves or with other flowers.    Cut peonies are the perfect bridal and wedding flower and make a great wedding table centerpiece or bridal bouquet. Peony buds make a great corsage or boutonniere for your bridal party.


Beautiful Fresh Cut PEONIES For Sale  

The peony flower season is dependent on the weather.  We cannot guarantee the bloom so we recommend that you order fresh cut peonies in addition to other wedding flowers for your June wedding.  These are the dates of our peony flower season in Michigan for the past 12 years:

2002 June 5 - June 20

2003  June 10 - June 25

2004   May 28  - June 8  (very early)

2005  June 6 - June 16

2006 May 31 - June 20

2007 May 29 - June 16

2008 June 3 - June 23

2009 June 4 - June 28

2010 May 27 - June 13 (very early)

2011 June 2 - June 23

2012 May 21 - June 13 (the earliest season ever)

2014 - June 3 - June 28 (normal season)

The dates above represent the dates when we can cut large quantities of fresh cut peonies.  We usually have lesser amounts available a few days or even a week or so either side of these dates.  Some years our peony season starts in late May and it can go as late as the first weekend in July when we have cool weather in June.

For wedding dates outside of the peony flowering season you might consider some alternative peony flowers that are similar to peonies such as football mums, cabbage roses, David Austin Roses, ranunculus, dinner plate dahlias, and peony tulips.

We are located 15 minutes southwest of Ann Arbor, MI, 1 hour north of Toledo, OH, 1 hour east of Jackson, MI 1 hour west of Detroit, MI 3.5 miles west of Saline, MI and very close to the village of Bridgewater.  Please contact us if you would like to pick up your peony flower order.  Orders are accepted via e-mail.   For over night shipping of fresh cut peonies to other parts of the USA please contact us by using the contact form at the top or bottom of this page.  We generally ship using Express Mail through the US Post Office and have experienced very reliable overnight service using this service.  If Express Mail does not do overnight to your area then we have to use Fedex overnight service.  For most areas Fedex will delivery by 10:30am the next morning.  For delivery locations within Michigan and most of Ohio and Illinois Fedex overnight is very affordable to the proximity to Michigan.

Peonies Delivery

Our customers over the past 15 years have included florists, brides having DIY peonies wedding flowers and their wedding parties, special events, hotels, restaurants, anniversary parties, and individuals who need to send peony flowers to their mom, wife, and friends or for a funeral.  We also have many customers who order peonies for their own enjoyment.

Bridgewater Gardens has been planting several hundred new peony plants each season.  We choose a variety of late and early blooming peony species in an effort to try to extend the peony flower season.  Some specific varieties of cut peonies that we have been growing over the past 18 years include:

White Peonies:   Ann Cousins, Lillian Wild, Duchess de Nemours, Festiva Maxima, Evening Star, Jacob Styer,  Snow Mountain, Yang Fei Chu Yu (a peony we imported from the Heze Spring Nursery in China, the Chinese names translates in English to Fat Concubine)

Red Peonies:      Paul Wild, Felix Crouse,  Red Charm, Karl Rosenfeld

Pink Peonies:      Reine Hortense, Sarah Bernhardt, Better Times, Lady Alexandra Duff,  Pink Princess, Mons Jules Elie,    Sorbet,  Mrs. Franklin  D. Roosevelt, Kansas, Edulis Superba, Ruth Cobbs, Raspberry Sundae, Cincinnati, Lottie Dawson Rae, Nick Shaylor, Myra Macrae, Velma Atkinson

Peonies Planted During the Fall of 2008

White Peonies: Kelways Glorious, Elsa Sass, and more Ann Cousins

Pink Peonies:  Albert Crousse (very pale pink), and more Myra Macrae and Ruth Cobbs

Red Peonies:  Louis Van Houtte

Peonies Planted Fall 2009

Pink Peonies: Sarah Bernhardt,  Laura Dessert

White:  Mrs. Frank Beach,  Henry Sass, Ann Cousins

Peonies Planted Fall 2010 (1000 peony plants planted)

White:  Ann Cousins, Festiva Maxima, Elsa Sass

Pink:  Cincinatti, Sarah Bernhardt, Edulis  Superba

Red:  Kreiser Aurora (Russian Variety)

Peony  plants will not produce a good crop until they are about 5 year sold.

We have added some links for our favorite peony sites Peony Links  

Peonies Planted Fall 2011

White:  Elsa Sass


Peonies Planted Fall 2013

Pink:   Myrtle Gentry, Vivid Rose

Red:  Paul Wild

White:  White Eagle


Peonies Planted Fall 2014

Pink Peonies :  Sarah Bernhardt, Myra MacRae, Myrtle Gentry, Minuet (blush), Koningin Wilhelmina, Riches and Fame

White Peonies:  MoonStone

Red Peonies:  Renato, Red Charm


Would you like to grow peonies in your garden? 

Peonies are a great addition to your garden.   They are very easy to grow in average soil and require almost no maintenance.  We keep our peonies weeded and mulched and we cut the plants down to the ground after the first frost.  It is very important not to cut them down after bloom time as the leaves need to take in light to help the plant regenerate itself for the next season.   Peonies are very easy to grow and will do well for you in average soil.





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Bridgewater Gardens Privacy Policy Bridgewater Gardens is a peony flower grower located in Southeast Michigan.   We overnight ship beautiful fresh cut peonies from our farm in June each year.  Please visit us for Peonies in June 2017
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