Wedding Flowers Similar to Peonies

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Football Mums

A large ivory white football mum flower mixed with mums and bachelor buttons look beautiful in this tall Bohemian crystal vase from Prague. Football mums are a great flower for fall wedding flowers. A close up view of the White Football Mum, this flower is about 4" across so it is a little smaller than a peony flower but very beuatiful.  The daisy like flowers behind it are mums and the bright yellow flowers are called buttons. I purchased the football mums at a local florist in October.  They are a fall flower.    



Cabbage Roses

The blooms on these pink cabbage roses are nearly 6" across when the flowers are fully open.   My local florist Maureens' Designs in Saline, MI ordered these for me.  The photo above was taken when the flowers had been in water for 5 days.  The flowers lasted still look beautiful.    Cabbage roses can usually be ordered through your local florist. This picture of the cabbage rose was taken after the flowers had been in water for 10 beautiful days.  The flowers still look fresh and beautiful.  They lasted for almost 3 weeks.  








Dahlias - especially if you are having an August or September wedding.  Generally it is impossible to get peonies during these months.  It is much to late for Northern hemisphere flowers and much too early for southern hemisphere flowers.    




David Austin Roses espeically Miranda, and Juliet    



Peony Tulips

 Peony tulips are  extremely large tulips up to 4" across are also referred to as double late tulips.  Try Angelique for pink or Mount Tacoma for White.

Peony Tulip Angelique Peony Tulip Mount Tacoma  





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